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CD-R/RW + HDD Digital Audio Recorder
The ultimate tool for music lovers. High storage capacity, top-quality sound,
versatile editing and CD recording all in one!
For details please contact:
10207 T Printed in Japan
CDR-HD1300 Specifications
• Frequency Response: 5 – 20,000 Hz ±0.5 dB
• Playback S/N Ratio: 105 dB • Playback Dynamic Range: 99 dB
• Playback THD + Noise: 0.004% • Recording S/N Ratio: 92 dB
• Recording Dynamic Range: 92 dB • Recording THD + Noise: 0.006%
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 116 x 415 mm;
17-1/8” x 4-9/16” x 16-5/16” • Weight: 7.8 kg; 17.2 lbs.
CDR-HD1300 Advantages
Visit us at our website:
P.O. Box1, Hamamatsu,Japan
Advantages over dual-tray CD recorders:
CD recorder has no storage capacity
Editing capability
•Approx. 120 hours recording time for
playback and later editing
Advantages over disc changers:
Changer requires much mechanical
Hard disk offers nearly instant access to
More editing features
Advantages over PCs with CD recorders:
•No compression means higher sound
•Very low error rate during audio
Exclusively audio so there is no
interruption or conflict with other
Highest quality interface (24-bit D/A
and A/D converters)
Full HD memory is used for audio
storage and editing
Designed to be part of an audio system
•Quick setup and easy operation
Product designs and
specifications are subject
to change without notice.
More Recording Convenience
The CDR-HD1300 offers timer recording
compatibility so the power can be turned on
and off automatically when using an external
audio timer. This lets you record radio
programs when you’re away or just be sure
you don’t miss them. There’s also a
Synchronized Recording mode with
adjustable parameters for detecting track
Other Notable Features
On-screen display (on TV) lets you view
disc, album and track titles (also shown on
panel display).
Title input with PC (via RS-232C terminal)*.
Large Storage Capacity and
External Source Recording
Whether you use the CDR-HD1300 for
playback or recording (probably for both!)
you’ll be delighted at how much music it holds.
You can record 120 CDs worth of music onto
the 80-gigabyte hard disk. And unlike most
HDD music servers, the CDR-HD1300 also lets
you record other sources, such as long radio
broadcasts, tapes or records. In fact, this is a
great way to archive your old music sources —
record them onto high quality, non-degradable
CD-R/RW discs.
Fast Recording, Quick Access
to Music
Recording this much music is a great
advantage, but won’t it take a long time?
Actually, no it won’t, because the CDR-
HD1300 copies the music data onto the hard
disk at 10 times normal speed. So a CD only
takes five or six minutes to input. Making new
CDs is fast, too: eight times normal speed onto
CD-Rs and four times faster onto CD-RWs. But
your favorite feature of all may well be the Jog
dial. Just a flick of the wrist lets you select any
disc, album or song for instant play — it’s even
faster and easier than ordinary CD players.
Extensive Inputs and Outputs
Time search — useful for searching
long recordings, such as those
recorded from the radio.
Digital and analog recording level
Automatic synchronized sampling
rate conversion: 96kHz, 48kHz,
44.1kHz, 32kHz.
Copyright protection
SCMS (Serial Copy
Management System).
Digital Move — transfers copy-
protected data from the hard
disk to a blank disc, then erases
it from the hard disk.
Analog copy — copy onto a blank disc,
data remains on hard disk.
Optical and coaxial digital inputs and outputs
Analog inputs
and outputs
S-Video and
composite video
interface for
title input via
*For editing with a PC, download the Title Editor software from the Yamaha website (www.yamaha.co.jp/).
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CD-R/RW + HDD Digital Audio RecorderCDR-HD1300The ultimate tool for music lovers. High storage capacity, top-quality sound, versatile editing and CD r

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CD-R/RW + HDD Digital Audio RecorderCDR-HD1300The ultimate tool for music lovers. High storage capacity, top-quality sound, versatile editing and CD r

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